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Interactive training using pad work.

I take clients from all martial arts styles, so wether you’re a beginner or experienced I can aid in improving your technique, strength and mental focus. You will get faster, fitter and stronger as well as having fun.

Pad workout mixed with functional exercises will increase your strength and endurance.


#kungfufit at Victoria Pk

#kungfufitness – Wanted to give a shout out to the ladies who have stuck with me for a while now. Since I started the group at the request of one of the mums who lived in the area I have seen women come and go. Not being an easy going trainer, I expect full commitment and am not someone who minces their words, some have found this difficult to contend with.

The ladies who have stuck it out have improved greatly from when they first started with me even though they only train once a week. Their commitment has shown improvement in fitness, skill and confidence. They train in all weathers without any complaints.

Originally they only came to improve their fitness levels and enjoyed meeting up as a group, but if I am going to teach kung fu as fitness I also wanted them to learn practical skills of defence as well, which they have done. So well done and thank you #kungfufit ladies.